Cuantum Productions is a full-service audio-visual company serving the Greater Miami-Dade County area. We provide all the elements needed to ensure a quality event. Our deep understanding of the industry allows us the capability of taking your event to the next level!


Our goal is simple: Work with good people to provide an outstanding result!


Cuantum Productions began in 2016 in Atlanta, GA. Since its inception, Cuantum Productions has worked in numerous cities nationwide and has helped produce hundreds of events.


Our commitment to ensuring a seamless solution has allowed us to become a vital partner to many companies in our industry. We strive to make sure that the client is satisfied from the moment we arrive, until the moment the last piece of gear is pushed onto the truck.

We have a deep understanding of the nuances that our industry entails and we work, hand in hand, with industry leaders to ensure an outstanding production. 

Cuantum Productions

With over 10 years in the industry, let Cuantum Productions take your event to the next level!